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Characters from another planet!

Did you know that Mindy O is an alien octopus from the planet Samir? And that she came to earth inside a meteor that landed in the ocean? And that her best friends are Sara Star, who is a starfish, and Seeley, who is a mischievous little squid? Here's where you can learn all about Mindy O and her friends. Click on a character and read all about them. You can also keep up with them by downloading the Mindy O Adventures comic books!

Mindy O

Mindy O is the friendliest octopus you've ever met! She is always pleasant and believes that a stranger is just a friend she hasn't met yet. Because she is filled with love, she is loved by others. She leads her friends on many adventures and is kind to everyone … even that mischievous little squid, Seeley! Mindy O's warm-hearted nature is a gift given to her by Naylid, a powerful yet absent-minded spaceship commander from another planet!
Download Mindy O's coloring page.

Sara Star

Sara is Mindy O's best friend. She's a starfish who loves to shop. Sara is friendly and out-going. She enjoys sharing with others and she loves to make new friends. If you're friends with Sara you're probably friends with all her friends, too! Sara believes that making friends is easy if you try!
Download Sara Star's coloring page.


Naylid is an alien from the planet Samir. He's an adventurous spaceship commander and the proud son of the king of Samir. Naylid loves to explore. He has lots of energy and enthusiasm. He gets distracted easily, though, and that's why his spaceship gets into a lot of accidents! But he's a fun-loving alien and one of Mindy O's best friends. Naylid met Mindy O when his spaceship crashed into the ocean. As thanks for Mindy O's heroic efforts to save him, he transferred into Mindy O the awesome power of a loving heart.
Download Naylid's coloring page.


Seeley is a squid who loves nothing more than making trouble for other people. He doesn't speak but he does know how to get in the middle of everything and cause a lot of problems. If something goes wrong, it's usually Seeley's fault! Seeley wears funny looking glasses to help him see.
Download Seeley's coloring page.


Slammer is a friendly hammerhead shark who loves sports. Fast and athletic, he's always ready to play a game and have athletic contests with his friends. Slammer follows all the sports action on his underwater TV. He's a fan of every team and because he has a kind heart, he roots for whichever team is losing at the moment.
Download Slammer's coloring page.


Pacey is a wacky, noisy, silly, fun-seeking pufferfish. There's always a reason to be cheerful and Pacey makes sure that everyone knows it! Pacey can blow himself up into a big round ball and likes to swim really fast.
Download Pacey's coloring page.


Jam-Jam is an angel fish who can transform into other shapes. She can become anything – a person, a cow, a spoon – but just for a few minutes! Then she changes back in to a fish and one of Mindy O's most trusted and loyal friends. Jam-Jam is at heart an angel, and she uses her special powers to have fun and to bring joy to everyone.
Download Jam-Jam's coloring page.